Many big data solutions for healthcare/pharma, but one is far better!

We can't advance by following the herd or hiring one to run it :-)

We Are Rx Data Science

Focusing on Applying Data Science to Healthcare

We have noticed some opportunities to apply data science discipline to healthcare in the Pharma, Life Science and other verticals. We understand the challenges of applying data science to healthcare data and have solutions that are not mainstream. It is too early to reveal details. Sign up for more information or watch this space for announcements.


RxDataScience Vision

Small and highly talented team who know healthcare data

Solve practical problems in data science applications to Pharma, Healthcare

We will soon have products and training to help your data science applications

Our Skills

Machine Learning 80%
Data Visualization 80%
Database Programming 90%
Functional Programming 78%

What makes us special

We have practical experience solving difficult data science challenges in the data preparation, visualization and machine learning areas involving healthcare data (especially pharmaceutical). We have evaluated several platforms that are popular and promoted heavily. We have achieved results that have to be seen to be believed.

Our Services

Check out our service offerings

We plan to offer services addressing these key needs in data science. All the services are tailored for the Pharma/bio-tech/healthcare industries.

Analytics & Data Science Platform

Actionable data science for Pharma

Data Science Bootcamp

Pharma/healthcare focused

Startup Kit - Algorithms

A Start-up kit of algorithms

Data Preparation Engine

An engine to help prepare data for ML

Hand Tailored Visualizations

The right visualization for the domain

Health Care Data

Curated database ready for ML use

Our Work

Our Work is inspired by several years of Healthcare Industry Experience solving complex practical problems for our Customers

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Our solution tranforms your Productivity.



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Rx Data Science: Big Data in the Enterprise Training


This course provides a practical foundation on the concepts of Big Data, Data Mining and Predictive Analytics and how it is currently being used in the general industry, in particular, at Pharmaceutical companies. It gives a thorough overview of the current state of Big Data, Machine Learning or Predictive Analytics and Emerging Technologies in this area. In addition to the theoretical aspects, the course provides a systematic hands-on training using R, the most popular platform used by Data Scientists around the world.

Using standard open-source tools, we will discuss fundamental topics in Predictive Analytics – What is Machine Learning or Predictive Analytics, Algorithms used in Machine Learning and how companies apply them to find key business insights to differentiate their services and products, some mathematical background behind the science of Predictive Analytics and the main question that we have been asked by several individuals – Does it really work and how much of the hype is real.

For Big Data, we first provide a general overview followed by more in-depth topics that range from Map-Reduce to High Performance Computing. We cover key concepts in Hadoop and cluster-based computing technologies in general (Spark, Cassandra, Elastic Search and others to name a few) in addition to concepts and tools used in high-performance environments with superior cost-to-performance metrics. We also provide knowledgeable guidance on optimal usage of these various technologies and if they are well suited for your specific needs.

The course is technology agnostic. We provide the fundamental tools and discuss topics that are most relevant to applying the knowledge in an enterprise environment. With years of industry-wide experience, we realized early on that the success of ‘Big Data’ is dependent largely on business adoption, application and practical benefits that the organization can derive from using such technologies. Technology is good insofar as it can ultimately provide meaningful real-world benefits.

As a result, our course encourages attendees to discuss the challenges and goals that may be unique to each of their individual organizations. It does not end there. Our team of highly experienced professionals with diverse backgrounds from different areas of the industry will provide guidance, suggestions, and discuss tools and other utilities that can be used to address such questions. This is a course about applying the basic skills to answer real questions. We are not so much about teaching the formulas or simply the technical jargon as we are about showing you what it will take to make your projects successful.

You pose the challenges, you pose the questions, we provide the answers – neutral, agnostic, independent and non-vendor specific.


  • Mid-Senior Level Management of Departments currently using or considering Big Data
  • Business Intelligence, Data Analytics and Big Data Professionals
  • Professionals who are looking to leverage their skills in the Big Data world


  • A laptop where you can plug in an USB drive! (Seriously, that is all you will need).
  • A basic knowledge of statistics would be helpful, but not necessary

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