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Director of Marketing, Product Manager, UI/UX Designer, Data Scientists, Sales/Customer facing roles

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Temporary and Permanent positions

02. Data Science Interns

RxDataScience Inc., is a startup based in RTP, NYC & London focusing on the use of advanced Big Data technologies & high-performance computing to gather insights from terabyte scale patient and physician records with billions of rows of data. We are looking for talented data scientists to join our team to find hidden insights in healthcare using some of the most advanced techniques in big data mining and data science. As part of this role, you will gain significant experience in R, RStudio, Python NoSQL, In-Memory, Functional Programming, NodeJS, D3 ... and much more.

The three main responsibilities for the role are:

(Big) Data Mining: Using sophisticated in-memory columnar NoSQL database systems, you’ll be working with terabyte-scale datasets representing billions of rows of patient and physician records.

Machine Learning: You will be developing algorithms to gather insights from large scale pharmaceutical insurance claims, prescriptions, electronic medical records and a host of other diverse datasets, using R, Python, Command-Line Unix Tools, C++ Machine Learning libraries and more to explore and find new ways of capturing this information across a wide range of healthcare industry use cases.

Visualisation & BI: Our proprietary technology lets you craft advanced BI capabilities with the click of a few buttons. For a Full Stack Developer, this is a great opportunity to get involved in advanced Javascript Framework related development to build cutting-edge visualisation and BI capabilities.

With a staff of highly talented professionals from different industry verticals, we are leading the initiative to change how Big Data Analytics has been done in Healthcare. Apply now to join the team and be part of the journey! To apply, email your resume to: ceo@rxdatascience.com